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This is a random collection of some of my telephones, others I once had, or have used or liked.

It forms a sort of Virtual Telephone Museum

Originally I planned to collect just Pre-1980 made Rotary Dial phones. I had collected before separation and my divorce some 250 different Rotary Dial Phones from World-wide and also many Call box phones and as bartering tools for swapping with other collectors a lot of Press button phones.

In one page I show Linesman’s Test Telephones and British Army Telephones, GPO/BT Hand Held Test sets, and various other similar kit or bits from the UK


I have found two of my old pictures of my collection, there were many more, then the photographs covered some 250 Telephones in 1987, but these are all I can find to remind me of what got lost.

Flying internationally (Mainly to meetings with the heads of Various International Incumbent Telephone service operators, and in some case to 2NOs), I would swap some of my UK stuff for a local model. The Photograph above helped ensure that the Airport security saw I was a serious collector of telephones and help get through Customs.

I put some of my current collection (as many as would fit) onto my double bed. I covered it first with a wooly green blanket that I use as a background for all my pictures, then on this colour nearly all telephones (with the exception of Green of course) display at their very best.

This is the ten most (for me) interesting telephones, i.e. my favourite top ten...

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Asia / Far East

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