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Introduction (The Front Page)

Welcome to the new revised version of the “Petra’s Royal Signals Pages”.

The pages are being currently reworked (for a new layout with easier to use page selection menu, bigger text and pictures) and so maybe not all links work correctly, or the new formatting might not be complete on every page. I have again made the Text and Pictures 20% bigger than in my last rework in December 2011 to assist some of the more elderly visitors to the site(July 2013)

What might the visitor to the “Petra’s Royal Signals Pages” find here?

If you type Henderson and “Royal SIgnals” (with quotation marks around the Royal Signals to keep them together) or alternatively just the three words Henderson Royal Signals (which return a different order and in many cases different drawings) into the
Bing Search engine, then select pictures, you will be confronted with some of the many artwork from this site. I say Artwork then while a Very-very few are real pictures, most are photo realistic drawings.

Here a link to try it...
Henderson and “Royal SIgnals”

Note: above links open in a new window or tab.

Here a screen shot of the typical results such a search returns, which also serve as an overview of about 30% of the illustrations you will find on these pages.


Background info about the site

It was originally planned to make a temporary site to create the drawings, the layout, and help me sort out the content before handing it over to another ex Royal-Signals member’s web-site with which I was involved. So I did not invest too much time on the layout. However this option has vanished over time so it seems I am now left to manage this site as a stand-alone venture.

For this reason the site has had to move around a bit, first from a free provider with limited space and bandwidth, then to a paid service with more space but still limited bandwidth and today, to a location which has unlimited size and bandwidth. Under this scheme I have now relocated the site to what might well be its last location.

Also to make things easier for the more senior ex-Royal Signals visitors, I have increased the size of the text, the size of the pictures and also made an easier to understand and use menu system, which can be found on the left of this text.

Due to the ever increasing size and complexity, the pages have been moved around a lot from Server to Server, and also the Layout and interlinking changed. This is the new 2015 Layout and will use two digit numbers to determine the sub-sections.

These pages are private and non-commercial, and made as a hobby by Mrs. Petra Caroline Henderson. Everything on these pages is Copyrighted (Text, illustrations and Pictures) with all rights reserved.

© 2004-2015 Petra Henderson or Petra Caroline Henderson © Copyright PCH or DG1PEH / All Rights Reserved

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Previous e-mail contact tools I have used have proven unreliable, with only some of the contact forms entered received, or e-mails received.

For this reason I have now changed to throw-away e-mail addresses, and the actual current address can be found on the "Contact Petra” page

If you wish to contact me or make comments, etc., or would like to use the pictures on this site for your own home-page or any other use, then please use the "Contact Petra” page by Clicking this link.

E-Mail Symbol-6M3A2I6L3

10). Petra’s Royal Signals Pages

General Information about the Royal Corps of Signals and Historic Items from the Pre-Royal Signals years through to today

13). Petra’s Royal Signals Vehicles Pages

Military Vehicles By Years

Military Vehicles by Type

15). Petra’s Royal Signals Radio Pages

Radios by Years

Radios by Type (Generic Names)

17). Petra’s Royal Signals Mixed Pages

Weapons and Field Kit

Uniforms and Headgear

Line and Cryptography

People’s Stories and Memories

I-Corps and Langeleben

19). Petra’s Royal Signals Extra Pages

Info about the RSO (Royal Signals Organisation)

Info about the Herforder Association (Part of the RSA / Royal Signals Association)

Info about the Langeleben Group

Info about the R.S. Museum

NOTE: Nothing on these pages is for sale. - Please do not ask!

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If you wish to contact me use the ever-changing information on the
Contact Petra Page

Thank you for your interest.

From 7th of February 2010 onwards, I also added a visitors flag counting system

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