Petra’s Artwork and Drawings

On the left you will find two pages marked “How2 (Vehicles)” and “How2 (Radios)” which show in more detail how most of the pictures on this site were created.

In the Vehicle one it shows the creation of the range of Ferret drawings, and also the creation of the Land Rover Ambulances.

In the radio one the creation of the Larkspur Radio and Clansman Range drawings are shown.

Incidentally I have always done drawings and many years ago with pencil and ink such as these old “non-Computer aided” drawings....

Example of a Hand Drawn Illustration (1982):

A 3D house and Garage as part of a Product description for Cordless and wired Burglar Alarm component installations. Then different coloured clear foil overlays show the parts, the direct and indirect signal routing and alternative wiring by conventional means.

Example of an ISOMETRIC drawing (1980)

(Isometric is like 3d, except being a technical drawing, there is no vanishing point and so no realistic perspective unlike the above House)
This Isometric drawing is one I made for a Test Set that I helped develop during my time with a UK defence manufacturer, this illustration I made of my own desire, for my presentations to the Admiralty and MOD, and also used in the service handbook.

Other Drawings

The first showing a love of drawing vehicles beyond the set of Royal Signals ones, from a series of truck drawings originally made quite big and in colour, but these from the B/W copy I recently found...

I have now found the original coloured copies which I place here together with other hand made drawings from the same time of ships and planes...


A drawing of one of the “Schlüter Moebelfabrik, Herford” Lorries (The Schlueter company made furniture and delivered it with lorries like this, they had a quite sizable fleet of many articulated lorries and even more trailers like this)


A drawing of a “Kühne & Nagel, Bielefeld” Lorry


A drawing of a “Schenker and Co., of Bielefeld” Lorry


A drawing of a “Pracht., Herford” Lorry


A drawing of a “Platz & Wittenborn of Bielefeld” (who also supplied vehicles and drove for Schenker and Co.) Lorry

Hans Platz had his home, Office and workshops in an old farm next to the south camp of 7 Sigs in Herford.


British Caledonian MD-10 on which I flew to Hong Kong. It is (or rather was) the G-BFGI “David Livingstone”


A copy of a drawing I made and presented to Ellen Lee, a stewardess who gave excellent service to everyone on a flight I was on to Hong Kong. It had the fictive Call sign G-E-LEE


The ship Mebo II on which the Pirate radio station Radio Nordsee International (RNI) was based had a very unusual pop-art splash of colours.
One D.J. (A friend of mine with initials A.A.) on first seeing the artwork on the side of the ship said the Mebo 2 looked like it had been in an explosion in a paint factory.... The Mebo I (the tender) had a similar paintwork.


A drawing made for and presented to the Board of Sealink, showing a proposed replacement for the Portsmouth to Ryde IOW ferry. It supported a proposal from the IOWTA and Vosper Thorneycroft, using the Ferry they were making for Hong Kong’s new airport.

This is a copy of an Original Isometric Drawing I made in 1985 for my (then proposed) design for the new Television Studio Communications “Belt Pack” series. They were based on an extrusion I had used in the Defence industry, and were virtually indestructible.

Below the above Isometric drawing is being “Rendered” and made to look like a real item, (the original drawing is as said from 1985, and the Rework below from 2009, made just for fun...) I deliberately leave it unfinished to show how I do my drawings.

A larger view of the above partially rendered illustration...

Above the BP112 (Twin Circuit) Belt Pack as an Isometric Drawing and below the BP111 (Single Circuit) as a normal (more realistic) perspective drawing.

The Above and Headset shown in the next two drawings, are some products I developed (during my time as a development engineer for a studio equipment and tele-communications manufacturer) and even though my “then” employer went bust in the 1980s, the drawings (and products, now made by other companies) are interestingly still in use today.

Hope you enjoy looking at these and maybe saw something you liked?