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This page takes you to (or will take you to when it is finished) Diverse items such as Uniforms and Headgear, Weapons and Field-kit, as well as Rescued (after the content was allowed to disintegrate on the RSO site or totally deleted) parts of my newsletters and data sheets, such as the one on Vera Lynn.

Recovering these and restoring them in this sites new format is a quite sizable task and so will take a while. i.e. keep looking in to see what is new...

On the left under this page’s menu listing “Other Items”, links to several new pages (Marked below by date of new completion) have opened,

As of December 2010 these are just...

Weapons and Field-kit

Uniforms and Headgear

Added January 2011

Who was “the Inventor of the Telephone”?

Earlier than you thought

Dame Vera Lynn

Lili Marlene

Signals Version of Lili Marlene*



Maybe others will find them interesting?