Special extra pages (in development)

These are some private pages (still in development) for the owners and organisers of the pages listed below.

Eventually the contents may be moved in whole or in part to these sites and used for fund raising;

1). The Royal Signals Organisation website run by Brian Streetly.
BRIAN’S RSO MAIN PAGE http://royal-signals.org.uk/main/

2). The Herford Association (by Jim Sloan) and Website
HERFORD ASSOCIATION http://www.herforder-association.org.uk

3). The Langeleben Memorial / Reunion and Website
LANGELEBEN HOMEPAGE http://www.langeleben.co.uk/

4). The Royal Signals Museum, Blandford
ROYAL SIGNALS MUSEUM http://www.army.mod.uk/signals/museum/ * note this URL keeps changing

There are also links to these at the top of these pages and maybe to some others.

Any pages in this sub.set and their offshoots can be navigated by clicking on the links on the right side of these pages...

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Message for Arcor and Others, please note these are Private pages, non commercial, non-profit, and made solely as a hobby. So fitting the requirements of my paid Arcor services as Private user.

Achtung! Dieser sind reiner Privaten Seiten, betreffend die unentgeltlicher Hobby von Frau Henderson, (d.h. solcher Kunstwerke zu erstellen Ohne Kommerzieller oder sonstiger Einkommens Absichten), daher trotz Zahlung für meiner Arcor Dienste, sind dieser reine Private Natur und unterliege nicht die Impressums pflichten oder Anwendungen die TMD.