Post and Post Boxes (1850s to Today)

These pages are just being started, so there may be (at the moment) only a few of many items about the Postal Service, Such as GPO Motorcycles, Cars, Vans and Lorries, but first I will concentrate on making illustrations of the Various UK (GPO) Post-Boxes. However I hope to add to these over time and make is as comprehensive as my
Royal Signals Vehicles Pages and CATS* Vehicles Pages...

* CATS = Coaches, Automobiles, Trucks and Steam-engines and is a mix of British and American terms, but spells the word CATS.

So now on to my GPO Drawings... Drawings? I hear you say!

Yes Drawings, then I want them all to be at the same angle, and to highlight the details I think best reflect the memories of these I have.

I know some experts will criticise that the drawings are not quite right, then I have had "Rivet counters" tell me what they do and do not like (or insist is wrong) with my military drawings, especially when I have missed a hinge, or some other minor detail.

So for the experts who want to tell me the number of Hinges on a door, width of the letter-slot, etc., of the Pillar-Boxes are wrong, I simply claim Artistic Licence and refer you to instead go elsewhere for perfection, such as the real thing in museums and collections.

If you want to see how I make my drawings, look at the Artwork pages Link on the list on the Left side of this page and then in that click on the How-2 pages...

I hope you enjoy, or at least find the site Interesting.

Due to the ever increasing size and complexity, the pages have been moved around a lot from Server to Server, and also the Layout and interlinking changed. This is the new 2015 Layout and will use two digit numbers to determine the sub-sections.

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So far only one page (and that only half finished) of many has been made, the VICTORIAN (VR) years

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