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Welcome / Willkommen

Some info about the XYL with the deep voice
Etwas über die XYL mit den tiefen Stimme...

Despite the deep voice I am not an OM, but a YL even if with my age I am a quite old XYL, probably an XXXYL and have been around in various forms of radio since the mid 1960s.

From July 2009 (for my Passport)

Due to my deep voice, for some it is difficult to identify the gender behind the Mic. Also having a Call Sign starting with “Delta Golf One Pappa....” does not help either, lol (hi hi).

I am a UK Citizen (and as you can tell from my Call Sign living in Germany). I was a member of the UK forces, serving with the Royal Signals in the early 1970s and first came to Germany when I was sixteen and half.

For those not sure what the abbreviations OM, YL and XYL mean, in years gone by, when every letter had to be tapped out on a Morse key, the radio operators reverted to shortening everything they could, much like users of text messaging services on their cellular (mobile) phones today do... Many codes are prescribed, such as the Q-Codes and Z-Codes. but in the Ham radio world, even when spoken, they also have a few short codes like the use of XYL above...

OM is short for Old Man

YL is short for Young Lady (in pre political correctness “Miss” or available for marriage)

XYL is short for Ex-Young Lady (or “Mrs”, Married and so keep them Morse tapers of her!)

Others used on these pages are;
DARC (Deutsche/German Amateur Radio Club, similar to the UK’s RSGB)
RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain)
QTH (Home or Station Location)
QSO (The actual Contact or “Chat” with someone)
QSL (The Logging Entry in the Log-book and
QSL cards (are the copy of the log entry once sent to the other station to confirm his/her contact)

My QTH is in Neu-Isenburg on the city border of Frankfurt/main, just seven Km, or four and half miles to the south of Frankfurt city centre in the Rhein Main area of Hesse Germany.

8° 42’ East / 50° 3’ North or in new form 8.70 E. 50.05 N.

The QTH Locator code is JO401B and the regional DARC Club for my area is F29 in Dreieich-Goetzenhain.

Find your own QTH Locator Code by
Clicking Here

The Line of Sight (as the crow flys) distance from my QTH to these places of personal significance (Places I have Lived, Worked or have interest in, close ties and/or contacts with) is as follows...

181 km / 87 miles from - Bonn, Germany

192 km / 119 miles from - Worbis, Germany

230 km / 143 miles from - Herford, Germany

280 km / 174 miles from - Schöningen, Germany

280 km / 174 miles from - Kaufbeuren, Germany

282 km / 175 miles from - Langeleben, Germany

341 km / 212 miles from - Bad Aibing, Germany

369 km / 279 miles from - Dresden, Germany

1064 km / 661 miles from - Falkirk, Scotland

1193 km / 692 miles from - Belfast, N. Ireland

672 km / 417 miles from - St Neots, Cambridgeshire, England

698 km / 434 miles from - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

704 km / 437 miles from - Ryde, Isle of Wight, England

721 km / 448 miles from - Southampton, Hampshire, England

722 km / 448 miles from - Newbury, Berkshire, England

731 km / 454 miles from - Lymington, Hampshire, England

852 km / 530 miles from - Catterick, Yorkshire, England

974 km / 605 miles from - Castelmartin, Wales

1087 km / 672 miles from - Barcelona, Spain/Catalonia

1193 km / 742 miles from - Stockholm, Sweden

1455 km / 904 miles from - Madrid, Spain

6623 km / 4116 miles from - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

7063 km / 4389 miles from - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

8275 km / 5142 miles from - Dallas, Texas, USA

9153 km / 5688 miles from - Fremont, California, USA

9156 km / 5689 miles from - San Francisco, California, USA

9172 km / 5700 miles from - Hong Kong, former BCC

I have a German Ham Licence for all bands 160m upwards, and an international ITU/CEPT T/R 61-01 Certificate/Licence

The inset at the bottom left is the Royal Signals badge and relates to my trade in the Army and also to several groups I run on Yahoo! If you are Ex Royal Signals or Ex WRAC you may want to join them.Links to these are at the bottom of this page, or to both these and my Ham Radio groups on the “My Groups” page from the menu on the right...


I am British. Born in the South English part of the UK in the 1950s , but have strong connections into the other parts of the UK.

My Parents were both born in Northern Ireland. My Father came to England in the 1940s to volunteer (Irish citizens were exempt from call up) to serve in the Royal Engineers. Later he worked in the Diplomatic Service in North Africa (Egypt) until getting thrown out with the rest of the British in the early 1950s.

All four of my Grandparents were from Scotland, having moved to Belfast with the Shipbuilding industry from the Scottish Clydeside.

Great Grandparents originated in part from the Caithness area and Ayrshire areas of Scotland and also a branch from Wales.

I was married for nearly 30 years (Divorced five years ago) and have a grown up son...

The Divorce and my moving out, or rather me and him both moving out of my ex’s home town (my son later than me), allowed me to restart my hobby (Amateur Radio) and re-take the licence. Over the years I have been trying to recover some of the radios and equipment I lost when I had to leave my home in a hurry (For my safety and sanity).

Unfortunately my current QTH is too small and restricted to put up any decent antennas, so activities are very limited.

I am a Professional Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and a consultant to the Telecommunications Industry.

I specialise in change management, including my own important project in this direction some 12 years ago... and am now freelance.

I was a Design engineer for Television and Radio Studio equipment, broadcast and transmission systems, commercial and military satellite systems, cryptographic and military radio systems, weapons systems and telephone equipment and large scale Telecommunications networks.

In the last few years I have specialised more in the direction of LE/LI, counter-espionage, legal issues and protections, as well as licencing rights and issues for large multinational telecommunication and media companies.


The Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC)

The Royal Signals (Main Group)

The Herforder Royal Signals Group

Thank you for your interest.

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