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If you want to contact me, please send me your comment, but also tell me on which page you are referring to, and please do not forget to tell me where (in the world) you are and your name.

PLEASE Do not ask me to sell you anything.

PLEASE Do not ask me if I want to buy anything.

PLEASE Do not ask me to tell you what something you have is worth or where you can sell it.

Due to spamming and scammers collecting e-mail addresses for dubious use, or sending Spam, I have made a dedicated “Throw-away” e-mail address that will be changed when I see it is no longer safe...

This e-mail address has three parts that you need to construct together

1). a job title, written together as one word with a dash or Minus sign (“-“)

2). and then a random number,

and 3). the rest of the e-mail format,

Please note that this job-title part and/or the number may change from time to time, so refer back to this page to find the actual job title or current number...

Here is the Current Number (As a Graphic) and a sample of how it should look when correctly completed...


WRITE DOWN THIS NUMBER and the e-mail link below, then replace the word “NUMBER” with the number in the above graphic...

Thank you...

NOTE: Nothing on these pages is for sale. - Please do not ask!

Diese Seiten haben grundsätzlich die Beschränkung, daß sie keinen gewünschten Käuferkreis und zwar ABSOLUT KEINEN, weder privaten, gewerblichen oder nicht-gewerblichen wie Behörden ansprechen, da sie rein privat und nicht zum Zwecke von Werbung oder geldbringenden Angeboten oder Leistungen dienen. OLG Hamm (Urteil vom 28.02.2008, Az.: 4 U 196/07); dieses sagt; ist "zu fordern, daß diese Beschränkung für die Parteien, sprich für die Erwerber transparent und klar sein muß".

Thank you for your interest.

From 7th of February 2010 onwards, I also added a visitors flag counting system

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